“Working within the field we are able to shift old patterns and issues and draw to us destinies that have been blocked or clouded over. Allowing us to create the life we want here and now.”

Cherry-Lee is an indie shaman,
a keeper of the lush feminine energy of Goddess and a visionary.

The traditions of old are in her bones – yet her approach is contemporary and down to earth, full of wisdom and laughter. Drawing from different traditions, Cherry-Lee weaves together classes and client sessions using her own inner wisdom. She offers support in connecting with the earth and the heavens, bringing healing to the body, mind and spirit.  She helps clients, students and readers to consciously co-create a life of choice, abundance, love and joy.

“I had my first healing with Cherry-Lee because I was encountering great turmoil and relationship problems in my life. I must say it was a truly eye opening and transformative experience! I am regaining my sense of self, where before my focus was on making other people happy at my own expense. I recommend a chakra healing and soul retrieval session with Cherry-Lee; it will change your life.” — Cassandra

How do you want to transform?