5 Tips: Make your Home a Haven For Renewal & Healing

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There are some small steps and practices that you can do in your home that will bring great change to your life. With a life goal of keeping a high vibration and feeling good – it is essential to practice self care and be conscious of your field and what you bring into your home each day. Here are some ideas. Pick and choose what might work for you or do them all!

1. Sage Spray – We keep a spray bottle by the front door. It is filled with filtered water and sage essential oil. When we return home from a heavy or stressful day, we spray ourselves right while we’re in the entry way. We feel ourselves let go of the things we are holding on to that are not ours right away when we do this. Things we let go of return to the earth and become energy – like when you compost or mulch things. That way, we don’t relate to others in our home based on how our day OUTSIDE the home was.

2. Have something beautiful to look at when you come in the front door. We have a messy entry full of shoes, coats, scarves, lunch boxes, back packs, school books, piles to take to the office and more. However, the first thing I see when I walk in the front door is a Buddha against a serene green wall. I’m not particularly Buddhist although I tend that way. What this represents to me is spirituality and a lift above the every day. I walk in, see it and know that I’m home.

3. Cleansing Bath – When I have a day that I’m around a lot of people, clients, fellow shoppers or a group of students on a field trip, I find I often pick up things energetically that are not mine. My favorite tip for this is to take a hot bath with one cup of sea salt, one cup of baking soda (good for your aura) and a few drops of an essential oil that pleases you. I usually wait until bed time to take this bath. I do this frequently and usually sleep well after it!

4. De-clutter – Piles of JUNK block energy and flow in your home and life. This is not a great area of skill for me but I know I would be remiss if I didn’t include it. Even if you are “a piler” by nature – check through your piles frequently and clean them out. Cleaning out junk within your piles has much the same effect as clearing them creates a level of ease that is amazing!

5. Full House Clearing – When we have house guests we take some time after they go to clear our house. We have bundles of sage, sticks of Palo Santos, a bottle of essential oil, Tingsha bells, and an oven proof bowl full of Epsom salts and a metal spoon with a rubber handle. The first of these tools you probably know what to do with.

  • Burn the sage and Palo Santo, walk around the perimeter of each room intending a clearing. Notice areas of heavy energy and walk through them as well.
  • The essential oil I use by placing a drop in each corner of each room. Again releasing anything that may have built up through the presence of your guests.
  • You can also use Tingsha bells, a drum or simply clapping to break up energy that has become stuck or stagnant within your home. You can really feel the difference!
  • The burn bowl full of Epsom salts is one of my favorites. Find some 90 proof rubbing alcohol and a lighter like you use for a barbeque. Set the bowl down in a room you want to clear. Add a few splashes of the rubbing alcohol and light the fire. It will burn for a little while and go out. We find that if we stir the fire while it goes it clears things deeply and beautifully. Try this a few times and you’ll find the right amount of alcohol to use. It burns differently in each room and differently with each clearing. Set an intention to release things to the fire so that all are cleared in this process. You may want a placemat or hot pad to help you carry the bowl from room to room.

We clear our home with some regularity and particularly after we’ve had company. Depending upon what sort of build up we find, either one person clears it or we all get involved. The kids seem to enjoy the process and we all feel better after it’s done. We set an intention that our home is full of positive energy that supports us on our journey.

Best wishes cleaning, clearing and maintaining your home. May it be a safe haven that offers restoration and healing in these times of great change!