A reminder in stone

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stoneI found this stone while hiking recently. Sort of funny – I was pondering the weight of the responsibility on my shoulders. How much I was capable of and how exhausting it was just to think of it. How I MUST make what I had to offer “available” to many … high quality …etc. etc. etc. How I needed to be “up-leveling” my business, how I needed to be an awesome mom, how I needed to be a good wife, take care of myself and my health … support my clients and students …

And as I climbed the hill feeling heavier and heavier this stone caught my eye. I had such a good giggle. This stone looks like it is a part of a white circle. It felt so clear to me that my responsibility is just a portion of the circle. I’m NOT responsible for all of it in any of the arenas where I contribute.

I felt so light, inclusive and collaborative. I felt deep gratitude and noticed how much lighter I felt with the realization. And so I share the stone with you – you’re part is just a portion of the circle. The rest will be filled in by others at the perfect time and in the perfect way. Enjoy the ride!