Evolving Opinions of Miley Cyrus

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We’ve had a LOT of conversations about Miley Cyrus lately in our house with two teenage daughters.

I had a REALLY strong reaction to Miley in her VMA performance.  I’m usually fine and not judgmental, usually a supporter of the arts – and I was horrified with her performance.  My reaction was so strong that I looked at it and looked within myself for projections and shadow pieces as I continued to process.  I also wondered if some of my reaction was based on women’s rights and how women are perceived.  “We’ve come so far and look what she’s sabotaging …”

Then in the following days we read a lot about slut shaming and revisited our first reactions.  That was a band wagon we had no interest in joining.  So our opinions kept shifting – which in this world of fixed political and social opinions was really a delight to allow.

I read Sinead’s piece and was on Team Sinead 🙂.  Then … one of my daughters found an article on buzzfeed “Why Sinead is Wrong about Miley”.


I found it thought provoking and helped shift my opinions further.

Saturday night Miley was on Saturday Night Live.  My daughters and I talked about the fact that we were ready to really see what she did rather than going in with a preconceived notion.  Miley did an awesome job – she was really funny, self deprecating yet held her head high.  We enjoyed the show!

This morning there was an article in the New York Times “Get Back and Just Let Miley Cyrus Grow Up.”


I won’t say we’re on Team Miley – but we’ve shifted … and feel pretty clean where we are.  The buttons are gone and we’re open to evolving further.

So I thought I’d share.  Would love to hear further reflections as we’ve spent so much time talking about it and being reflective at our house. I would also love to hear about other places where you’re letting your opinions evolve!