Lady Liberty

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Lady Liberty as Goddess for modern lifeI did some tuning in recently to the energy of Lady Liberty/Goddess Liberty. I really felt called by Her on a trip to New York. And felt her energy very present. I was seeking American representations of Goddess and was delighted to really feel her. These are my notes from that day:

I feel her utter freedom. There is light, inspiration, clarity … A sense of adventure and joy in the journey. Always creating and making new. A wide open heart and mind. It’s not about “no rules” as that has a different energy…and yet there are no rules. She travels as much in her mind as on the land. She has great insight and perspective yet is not attached to outcomes. The world around her is malleable and she holds it as such. She brings joy in relating to others and the freedom of coming together as equals with joy and shared purpose. She is present for suffering yet doesn’t spend energy there. She raises the vibration of all who come to know her. And they are able to tune into her qualities. She does not arrive for perfection and enjoys the imperfection and beauty of what is … knowing another day will come. She cares far more about the fun of creation than perfection.

She has roots in Greece and Atlantis. And was a gift to this Land and this Country by France. And so I send the blessings of Lady Liberty your way! May attuning with her energy serve you greatly!