Technology – Gateway to Spiritual Expansion

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Technology and spirituality - how to manage modern lifeAmidst the valid concerns of EMFs, distraction, the evils of multitasking and hindrance to being present … I’d like to share what I see to be the deep spiritual gifts of this particular age of technology.

Like no generation before we get assistance and simplification of life through technology support. From our phones we can make travel reservations, check in to airlines, access our boarding pass, make sure our house is locked when we’re away, and we can check the recipe ingredients while we’re at the grocery store. What’s more with electronic notes and a phone that’s always by our side, we never lose the list! We no longer need to remember a friends phone number nor directions to get somewhere. Historic and family information no longer needs to be retained the way it has been. We can freely look up information or text someone to get the info we need. Less and less of our brains are needed to function in life.

Personally I think this is tied to the increase of mental health issues. Not because technology causes them but we have time and space to delve into our own neurosis. It’s actually fascinating if you think about it. Monkey mind has been around for eons yet this is the generation where it effects everyone.

We are being called to find new uses for our brain, to explore and use capabilities we may not realize we have. What if the internet, facebook and Twitter are actually helping us grow new pathways in our brain? What if they are preparing us for a full on telepathic life experience? Now when we check these apps we know what everyone is thinking. We’ll that’s what telepathy provides too. With telepathy you need to take it a step further and learn to let the white noise of business block the incessant chatter so that you can tune in to the one channel you need. You need to learn discipline, surrender, boundaries and openness all at once.

Truly exciting times! What’s more – I believe if we surrender and ask to be transformed the process may be easier as well. Embrace the gifts of technology. Play with solutions for monkey mind like a game rather than letting it cripple you. Enjoy this stage of evolution. Know we’re going somewhere extraordinary.

Ask to attune and align yourself with technology so that it becomes easier and easier, ask to evolve so there are no ill effects (mentally and physically) from this plugged in life. Ask to be open to the possibilities before you that you may not understand yet. And see what unfolds.