Healing for your Kids

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I had a healer ask me a question about doing a healing for their own child today and I thought it was a GOOD QUESTION and something worth writing about.  Whether you are a healer yourself or work with a healer to support your children this may be helpful!

First, my belief is that if you have a child who is under 18 or dependent on you due to extenuating circumstances you are fine to do distance healing for them or hire someone to work with them for distance work.  If you are working with a child in person (or hiring someone to do so) obviously you need more interaction with your child before you engage this sort of work.  Know that as a compassionate parent or healer you have a lot to offer them and trust yourself!

When working with kids – whether my own or someone else’s kid – I am always VERY clear about asking for the highest good for any session that I do. Neither I nor the parents always know what is highest good for the child on their journey.  Personally I would like to heal every physical issue, emotional wound, mental stress and spiritual issue.  Gratefully my higher self knows better than to seek this in a tangible way.  So I let it go before I work with children (and any of my clients).  When I work with kids I often I simply work with what is presented knowing that what shows up for healing is often ready to transform.

When deciding whether to do the work yourself or hire someone else – know it depends on the issue.  Offer healings to your own child if it’s something you can be clear and clean about.  if it pertains to your opinion about what is RIGHT for your child or wanting to FIX them in some way … it may be something you want to hire someone else to do for you so that they can see clearly and discerningly.  Particularly as parents we often see what would be easier for them or what would make sense for them rather than tracking along on the highest path for their soul’s journey.

Know that sometimes they need to fall and crash with you loving them rather than having you save them over and over.  The bruises they get when they have left home are bigger than the ones they will get with you nearby!

Also know that they were born to you and that your impulse to ease their journey may be divinely inspired.  Just be present.  Discern and choose! And keep letting your kids know how much you love them and value their own unique expression on this planet!  We are lucky to have them here!