Surfing – Catching the Wave of the Great Change

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surfingSix or seven years ago I was sitting with a group of friends listening to Alberto Villoldo talk about about 2012. We listened closely as his message was so clear and resonant. We were asking questions … to see if he had any insights about 2012 and what the time of the great change would look like. At the time, we all had many ideas, dreams, thoughts, fears and hopes. Someone asked what Shamans (those that are awake and connected with nature) would do when transition was happening all around us.

Alberto got a sparkle in his eye and said that we would all get our surf boards out and go surfing!

I remember the comfort that this image brought me. I’ve shared it with friends over and over in stressful times. On December 21st, 2012 so many took a deep breath and wondered what was to come.

None of us expected 2013 to be even more of a shake up than 2012. So many have had shifts, and changes that are unsettling leaving them stirred up and wondering what else could possibly come. I’ve reflected at times that none of us seem to know how to ride our surf boards the way we expected to.

This past September I was out at the beach visiting Ocean City, Maryland, watching some surfers and had a big ah-ha. As I watched I remembered times watching surfers over the years, my husband in Washington State with his wet suit on, and friends in Australia … What I realized is that surfers DO NOT spend all their time on their boards riding the perfect wave. In face the amount spent riding “successfully” is minimal. Yet the joy a good ride brings is unmatched!

Watching surfers I’ve found that much of their time is spent laying on their board, paddling out to where the big waves are. It takes incredible upper body strength and can be exhausting on a good day. Beyond that, they hang out and wait for a decent wave to come. They spend time paddling again and again to get in an optimum space.

Then they TRY to catch good waves. This looks like falling A LOT! Getting knocked off your board, getting turned in the ocean, eating some sand and occasionally getting hit by a board. There are lots of false starts as well.

What’s cool is that when you catch a great wave all of that is forgotten and you fly and fly and fly! Those rides or flights don’t actually last all that long but they joy they bring sees surfers through all the rest so that they are dying to get right back out there and do it again.

This has given me a new understanding and expectation of this time. It has also given me insight into the sparkle I saw in Alberto’s eyes years ago. It really is all OK. We really are supposed to let “unpleasing” events wash over us and keep our courage and strength to get up again another day.

It’s OK if we feel tossed and turned and don’t know which way is up. Gravity and the water will right us again so that we can catch our breath, get back to it, and find the next fabulous wave.

So I say to you – happy surfing!