Support the Earth – become Vibrant, Lush and Sensuous

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The sacral chakra, when healthy, is the strongest for women … fire/source of creation … liquid molten lava energy … your radiant womb. We often talk of creating peace by finding peace within ourselves. I had an insight the other day … that if we want to live on a vibrant, lush and gorgeous planet we needed to do that work within ourselves. We need to become vibrant, lush and know that we are gorgeous. We need to embrace our sensuality and bring that awake and present engaged energy to all we do. I have a friend who sees clients as a coach. One practice she has is to fall in love every day to bring that energy to her service. It’s something I’ve been working on for the last year. I’m still a work in progress … but am feeling the passion, optimism and self love more and more! And I’m sending it out in waves. Give it a try!