How to survive and flourish through the Lions Gate, The Eclipse Series, Politics and August

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This month we have a series of eclipses that traditionally bring great disruption and change … the political arena is heating up, and we also have the Lions Gate. On August 8th is a peak of a cosmic alignment that happens each year.  Since it happens in Leo it’s called a Lion’s Gate.  It’s an alignment of the stars in the heavens that opens a portal bringing a clear connection between the heavens and the earth. It’s a link between our cosmic helpers, origin, destiny … and the here and now on earth.
It is a time when light comes through, we are blessed … and opportunities open up. It’s also often emotionally intense, exhausting and the newness and intensity can cause disharmony with those around us.
Many of us feel a call to stillness for integrating these experiences … yet it’s such a busy time of year. Kids in North America are often bored by summer at this point, families are taking vacations, people are bar-b-quing and entertaining, time by the swimming pool … it’s all good yet full on. Work projects continue and the summer heat rages on.
I wanted to share with you some tips for easing the stress of this time, tips for fully receiving the gifts available as well as tips for ongoing self care and deep self love.
1) Slow deep breathing soothes the vagus nerve which helps reset the fight or flight system. Doing this for two minutes with eyes closed a few times a day can be transformative. It can switch your adrenal system so it is rebuilding rather than depleting.  This can be huge!
2) Take a 20 minute bath with 1 c epsom salts and 1 c baking soda. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil if you have it. This helps with aches and pains, helps by clearing your aura, deepens your sleep and gives you some alone time to reset.
3) Find 10 minutes a day for the next month. This isn’t a crazy goal. I’ve done a series of 30 day goals this year. Completing them for the month (with self forgiveness for the days I miss) reminds me I can follow through. I rarely miss days any more. This simple act of follow through builds my self esteem and confidence in quiet ways. And this is just a bi-product of the series!
The actual intention is: to journal, write feelings, list gratitudes, or listen, write and receive. Relish the quiet. You’ll LOVE what comes through and find it a transformative process.  It will direct your focus to stillness, listening, reflection and the positive. There is a lot of research that any of these options will bring healings to both your brain and your life.
4) Movement – walking, yoga, bicycling, swimming … you know the drill and I’m sure have an exercise of choice. I recommend one or two spread over 5 x a week. Even if just 20 minutes a day.
Benefits are better digestion, better sleep, ease of movement, more happiness from endorphins, mental clarity and ease of emotions.
5) Clean diet. Summer is when we have most access to fruits and vegetables. My recommendation is to simply make more healthy choices than not. Keep it simple. Feel your pants loosen. Feel your motivation to reach for even more healthy choices as the month goes along.
Benefits: Helps with digestion, sleep, mental clarity, ease of emotions, oh, and weight loss.
6) Be gentle with yourself and those you love. This can be a rough time for each of us personally and for those we love Intend to be patient, intend to be gracious, intend to give second chances. Be gentle with yourself and others. This is not a time for drawing lines in the sand. And it doesn’t mean you’re called to be a doormat. Go ahead and ask for what you want, express your feelings and truth with vulnerability and truth. And choose ways to keep breathing. To keep loving yourself and others, to remember we’re all on this shared human journey that’s a little bumpy at the moment.
7) And Finally – I’m offering a distance group healing this month (It starts tomorrow – August 4th – though we’ll take registrations up to the last healing this month!) Cost: Donation  For more information on that

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