Creating Sacred Space

As daughters and sons of the Great Mother, as divine powerful sparks, individual creations of the whole, we create sacred space in this present moment and company…

South & Sacral Chakra: 

Serpent, come to us from the place of the South, be with us,
Wrap us in your coils of light,
Help us shed our emotional wounds and old stories, like you shed your skin,
Show us how to flow through life with ease,
Help us to be present here and now and allow our beauty to blossom.

West & Solar Plexus Chakra:

Jaguar, come to us from the place of the West, be with us.
Empower us to track new trails on our soul’s journey,
Help us to mulch the worn pathways that no longer serve us,
Show us how to step into that place of the warrior with impeccability and integrity,
Teach us to hold our power in stillness and to know when to leap forward in action.

North & Throat Chakra:

Royal Hummingbird, come to us from that place of the North,
Show us how to drink deeply the sweet nectar of life,
Remind us of the things that feed us,

Ancestors, grandmothers and grandfathers be with us,
Whisper your wisdom on the winds,
And helps us to speak the beauty of our wisdom and truth with love from our hearts,
Support us as we undertake the journey of co-creating our world.

East & Third Eye Chakra:

Great Eagle, Great Condor, come to us from the place of the East,
Where the rising sun brings the power that moves our creativity to burst forth,
Help us to see both the big picture, and the details with your clarity,
Teach us to tap our own wisdom with ease,
Show us the visions we hardly dare to dream of,
And assist us in flying wing to wing with Great Spirit to the mountaintops.

Earth/Below & Root Chakra: 

Great Mother, come, let us feel your presence and energy coursing through us,
Support us in all of our potentiality,
Cradle us in your unconditional love,  reminding us we are safe and held,
Root our connection to you through all time and space.

Above/Sky & Crown Chakra:

Great Spirit, Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, Star Brothers and Sisters,
Help us to connect to who we were before time,
And who we are outside of the bindings of time,
Join us in singing joyfully the song of life,
Help us to embody the breath of life everlasting which connects us all.

Within & Heart Chakra:

We call to that place of stillness within us,
Where we embody the Goddess & God as humans on this earth,
Fill our hearts with compassion, love and the oneness of all of life,
Help us access the divine gifts and beauty within our hearts & in every living being,
Remind us to embrace peace, forgiveness and balance in our hearts with each breath.