Fire Ceremony

firepitFind a stick that’s about pencil size. This will be your ‘death arrow’ to allow you to fully clear your field after your healing.

With the intention of creating sacred space, build a small fire. (You can use a piece of paper or tooth pick and a candle if you do not have access to a fire.)

When the fire is burning well, pull out your “death arrow.’ Call up anything that still remains after your healing. Name it if you can, call up the feeling around it or simply decide to blow in anything that is not fully resolved. This mythically returns all the energies of that old story to the earth where they belong and can be mulched, just as we did energetically during your session. This also reminds us of our connection to mother earth, and how we should allow the her to take our heavy, combusted/processed energies from us, so that we don’t carry them around anymore.

Place the stick into the fire and watch it burn. See if you can feel the release that is occurring as the stick burns up. Watch the fire burn down.

Express gratitude to the earth, the fire and the silent helpers.

It is preferable to stay with your fire until it fully burns down. If this is not possible, remember fire safety!