The Healing Process

realgreenFrom Touch of Silence … A Healing from the Heart
by Jan Kennedy, Ph.D.

Did you ever cut yourself and notice what the body does to heal itself? The area swells up a little and gets all red and tender around it. It probably has some pus along the cut area until a scab forms. Then the scab drops away and the wound closes. When you begin to heal inside, something similar happens. Tissues may become swollen and tender and you may feel some pain and discomfort for a few days.

When you start to heal, muscles that have been tense will begin to relax and fresh blood and body fluids will move into the organs and cells of your body. These fresh fluids will bring nutrients to your tissues to heal and repair your body, and they will carry off dead cells and toxic material so it can be eliminated from your system and you won’t be poisoned by it.

Did your foot ever go to sleep because you sat on it too long and cut off the circulation? The first thing you may have noticed is numbness or no feeling in your foot. As the foot woke up, you probably felt some pins and needles, some pain, and eventually normal feelings in your foot. So, when you released the tension (pressure on your foot,) you felt uncomfortable first before you felt comfortable.

You’ll notice a difference between healing, often called, a “healing crisis,” and being ill. During healing, the symptoms of discomfort come and go much faster, and you’ll have a sense of well-being even though you may appear to be ill. When this happens, keep your diet simple, well-balanced, and free of chemicals. Do very simple exercise – like walking. Rest more than usual. Breathe fresh air and drink clean water. Keep yourself clean so your skin won’t reabsorb the poisons it’s eliminating. Stay in life and on the job in the safest, simplest way possible.