AscensionHouse clearing

Are there areas in your home that ‘feel’ dark or uncomfortable? Do you think you have sounds or movements in your home that you can’t explain? Some times when a spirit has passed, particularly in a traumatic way, they don’t realize they are dead. People who are unprepared for death often have a difficult time transitioning. A great example of this was in the Tsunami in Indonesia a few years ago. There were many ‘ghost’ sightings afterwards. People who die in trauma like this may barely cross over, and can be trapped in a nightmare of thinking they still live here. They don’t understand why other people have invaded their space or home. These disembodied spirits are not evil or dangerous for the most part. They are just confused and lost. Occasionally there may be one who is malicious or nasty, but these are rare.


Shamans are trained to assist spirits to be healed and released to the light. These spirits will be welcomed by loved ones, angels and guides. It’s a beautiful process that’s necessary for their well being. It’s done with love and kindness regardless of what their behavior has been. You will be doing them a great favor by having them “sent on.”


Our properties and homes can also hold dark or heavy energy from former residents, or even visitors. This is different from disembodied spirits, but can still make a place feel uncomfortable. These energies can also affect your finances, love life, friends and other aspects of your life. These can be released and cleared at the same time as the spirits are cleared.


As part of this process there are some other pieces you can do yourself or with me to fully clear your house. There are some simple practices and tools of Feng Shui that can shift the energy of your space. A good house cleaning and de-cluttering will support this process and help keep your house clear.


House clearings can be done at a distance or in person within a limited area.

Distance house/land clearings are $400 each

In-person house/land clearings are $550 – $700 depending on the size of your house/business.


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House blessing

This is a simple ceremony to create openings for good things in each area of your life. It is a combination of gratitude, manifestation techniques and a walk through the Feng Shui Bagua. This is a great ceremony for new spaces, birthdays, new relationships or strengthening old ones. ANY TIME you want to set an intention for positive things to come. This can be a private ritual or you can invite a group of friends and clients to witness and contribute to this blessing. Let go of the old and welcome the new!


House blessings are done in person only within a limited area.

House blessings are $550 each.


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