Soul Retrieval


The concept of Soul Retrieval is an old one that weaves through many indigenous cultures.  It’s based on the premise that when we experience shock or trauma, a part of our soul breaks off.  Other times we may send part of our soul with a loved one when they die.   After these experiences we feel empty or as though part of us is missing.

Many clients come to me expressing the sentiment that they feel that there is part of them they don’t have access to that they don’t feel like they are whole.

The wounds that caused many of these injuries have a tendency to replay themselves over and over in our lives and in the lives of those in our family line.  Often the woundings are around lack, loss, betrayal, abandonment and issues around love.

A soul retrieval session will not only return the lost soul part but will help you integrate it energetically into your being.  It will and support you in learning how to actively engage it going forward.

The client needs to have done healing work before a soul part will return. This way, the client is prepared to be a welcoming home for the soul part when it returns, and a source of nurturance and care so that it will remain. The newly-returned soul part will be able to offer strength in those future times when life traumas may occur and minimize the effects they may have on your life.

When I journey for the soul piece, I may find the event of the original wounding and the contract that was made at that time. These old contracts were made under duress and have likely served you over time. They may have also caused you to live a life where negative experiences repeat themselves over and over. Honoring that old commitment or contract and letting it go can free you up to create an agreement that serves how you want to live your life now and going forward.  This will work in conjunction with your returned soul part, which holds brilliant gifts for you.

I will also likely return with a sacred gift for you and a power animal.  These will help you return to your innate natural instincts – and help you live life more fully.

After this, I will guide you through a process to welcome and integrate these bits as well as receive their wisdom and teachings. This is a rich process; the change in people’s lives with this simple technique can be astounding.