Do you feel out of balance? Like part of you is missing - that there’s some wisdom, focus or energy that’s just out of reach? Does life feel like you're just responding to one crisis or requirement after another? Private healings can help you clear the past and accept your whole, imperfect and beautiful self so you can leap toward your destiny.


Healing and learning with a group can be deeply transformative. I offer in-person and distance workshops on a variety of topics to help you heal, connect, change, and aid you in your spiritual journey. Whether you're in Maryland or anywhere else in the world, join me and others in ritual and learning.


Tune in with your heart and soul. From Maryland to Greece, come align in sacred space and focus on the wisdom that lies within you. I aim to do at least one retreat a year and I'm always planning new things, so check back often! 


Sometimes our homes and businesses need shifts in energy so we can feel at peace. Whether you feel your home needs to be cleared of spirits or you've moved into a new space where you'd like to manifest abundance and good, I can help you create a space that suits your needs.


It is my great joy to share what I know with your group. As an educator and shaman, I can speak on a variety of topics to help your group move toward greater alignment, balance, and focus.