When Life Has You Feeling Small …

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Feel better about yourself by caring for yourselfWhen I have an experience – where I don’t tune into my wisdom, where I feel judged, where I feel embarrassed or hurt … an experience where life doesn’t go my way …. And I feel like a failure and a small person … I have a technique I use that’s been really helpful.

When this happens – rather than avoid the pain, rather than push it away and affirm my worth – I do something different. I actually embrace the experience. I really feel into the misery … and let myself feel smaller and smaller and less powerful and less powerful and smaller and smaller … When I do that for a while I find that I hit a point where I burst up, out and open to the level of the soul. I find I am no longer contained in this body or restrained by life experiences. I feel myself SOOOO much bigger than all of these human experiences and emotions. Far bigger than any one (or collected) negative experience.

This simple practice shifts things quite nicely. If you really restrict with the smallness – your natural resistance to that smallness will bring about an experience that will remind you who you really are. At your core you are this magnificent spark of divine love – a radiant light here on this earth designed to shine brightly and lift others up. May you remember your radiant beauty this holiday season and beyond!