Soul Retrieval Class

Soul retrievals are time-honored ceremonies that help you move forward in your lifeDo you feel on track and close to where/who you want to be but don’t know how to make that next leap?  Do you feel like you’re at the beginning of something amazing but don’t feel movement forward? Do you feel there is a part of you is missing? Do you feel there is a hole inside that other people, food/alcohol, exercise or even meditation are not able to fill? If so, Soul Retrieval may be the thing that will shift this for you.

The concept of Soul Retrieval is an old one that weaves through many indigenous cultures. It is based on the premise that when we experience shock or trauma a part of our soul breaks off. Other times we may send part of our soul with a loved one when they die. After these experiences we feel empty or as though part of us is missing. We may feel that there is part of us we don’t have access to or we may not feel like we are whole.

The wounds that caused many of these injuries have a tendency to replay themselves over and over in our lives and in the lives of those in our family line. Often the woundings are around lack, betrayal, worthiness, abandonment and issues around love.

In our time together we will explore different techniques for Soul Retrieval. We will journey together. You will have an opportunity to reclaim three pieces of your own soul and support others in their quest for wholeness. You will likely receive energetic gifts and power animals. You may also find old contracts that can be released or rewritten.

Come and join in this day of healing and renewal at a price less than the cost of one private session. Leave stronger and more firmly on your path.

To learn more look in the Services area on this web site at “Soul Retrieval.”

*It is a prerequisite to have done some healing work on your own journey previous to this class.

* Please note that this class can be used for re-certification in Healing Touch through either the Healing Touch Program or through Healing Beyond Borders.

Date:  Sunday March 13, 2016
Location: “Oemergis”
8415 Bellona Lane, Suite 107
Ruxton Towers
Towson, MD 21204
Time: 10-4:30 (Bring a brown bag lunch)
Cost: $150