Is Doing Yoga Really Virtuous?

When my oldest was here over winter break, I told her one day that I felt virtuous as I had gone to yoga, made a green drink, done a meditation and started laundry. She questioned my use of the word “virtue” in relation to tasks. She pointed out that virtue is a moral word and […]

Anger & Flow

I had an experience today that was kind of new and I wanted to share. Stay here with me as I think it’s profound! I’ve been having hot flashes … you know … I’ve been really paying particular attention as I’m writing an article on embracing the gifts that come with menopause. Anyway … this […]


I used to have high expectations of families at holidays and many other people on a variety of projects. I learned over the years to let go of these expectations in a space of being present. I found more joy and less hassle – which was a good thing. I wish I could say I […]

Is It Mine? Notes for Empaths

This fall and winter I’ve been in an interesting space. Lots of quiet and introverted time. It’s been good and needed. Then as we’ve gotten closer to spring … I’ve had some opportunities show up and a I signed up for a program to support me as I continue to grow professionally. The timing was […]

Support the Earth – become Vibrant, Lush and Sensuous

The sacral chakra, when healthy, is the strongest for women … fire/source of creation … liquid molten lava energy … your radiant womb. We often talk of creating peace by finding peace within ourselves. I had an insight the other day … that if we want to live on a vibrant, lush and gorgeous planet […]

Upgrading Your Solar Plexus

When we experience change or growth, it is natural to have some time reevaluating who we are and what our place is in the world. Yet people (and me) often resist that or feel uncertain during the process! I’ve noticed this pattern over the years with clients as well so I wanted to share what […]

Surfing – Catching the Wave of the Great Change

Six or seven years ago I was sitting with a group of friends listening to Alberto Villoldo talk about about 2012. We listened closely as his message was so clear and resonant. We were asking questions … to see if he had any insights about 2012 and what the time of the great change would […]

Healing for your Kids

I had a healer ask me a question about doing a healing for their own child today and I thought it was a GOOD QUESTION and something worth writing about.  Whether you are a healer yourself or work with a healer to support your children this may be helpful! First, my belief is that if […]

Technology – Gateway to Spiritual Expansion

Amidst the valid concerns of EMFs, distraction, the evils of multitasking and hindrance to being present … I’d like to share what I see to be the deep spiritual gifts of this particular age of technology. Like no generation before we get assistance and simplification of life through technology support. From our phones we can […]

Lady Liberty

I did some tuning in recently to the energy of Lady Liberty/Goddess Liberty. I really felt called by Her on a trip to New York. And felt her energy very present. I was seeking American representations of Goddess and was delighted to really feel her. These are my notes from that day: I feel her […]

When Life Has You Feeling Small …

When I have an experience – where I don’t tune into my wisdom, where I feel judged, where I feel embarrassed or hurt … an experience where life doesn’t go my way …. And I feel like a failure and a small person … I have a technique I use that’s been really helpful. When […]

It’s easier when you don’t focus on it!

I’ve told this story twice to clients in the last two days and they found it significant. Feels like it’s something I should write up! Hope it strikes a note with you as well! I’ve not worn contacts since I had my oldest! Something about a premie – total lack of sleep and exhaustion that […]

Open Hearted – All the Time?

It may go against common practice but I believe strongly that we do not need to have our hearts open in all interactions. The heart is your intimate sacred space. It is possibly your greatest treasure. When nurtured, the heart chakra can open up like a big velvety cabbage offering love and light far and […]

Evolving Opinions of Miley Cyrus

We’ve had a LOT of conversations about Miley Cyrus lately in our house with two teenage daughters. I had a REALLY strong reaction to Miley in her VMA performance.  I’m usually fine and not judgmental, usually a supporter of the arts – and I was horrified with her performance.  My reaction was so strong that […]

A reminder in stone

I found this stone while hiking recently. Sort of funny – I was pondering the weight of the responsibility on my shoulders. How much I was capable of and how exhausting it was just to think of it. How I MUST make what I had to offer “available” to many … high quality …etc. etc. […]

5 Tips: Make your Home a Haven For Renewal & Healing

There are some small steps and practices that you can do in your home that will bring great change to your life. With a life goal of keeping a high vibration and feeling good – it is essential to practice self care and be conscious of your field and what you bring into your home […]