Distance Group Healing

The June Distance Group Healing series begins Friday the 9th. I am beyond pleased with how powerful this series has become for participants. 

This month our healings will focus on standing strongly in who we are. Allowing our solar plexus' to become so radiant and powerful so that barriers in front of us crumble (highest good). In order to do this we need to be well grounded (a big focus) and we need to be strongly and clearly connected with the divine. There will be emphasis on learning to trust ourselves and see our own beauty wisdom. This will have a fun and playful energy about it as we step into a place of enjoying our power. Trusting ourselves so much to use it wisely that it becomes joyful rather than hesitant.

We will actively raise our vibrations as we engage with our work both personally and professionally. As always, we will also cleanse, clear and balancing our chakras and energy field, supporting each of us mind, body and spirit.   

These group healings will bring our energy together in ways that are gentle yet powerful and supportive of you as an individual. They bring the benefit of gathering together without the effort and adjustments needed when we come together in the physical realm. These group healings also feed the collective - which is a wonderful byproduct. My intention is to surround you with a blanket of love, to balance, nourish, tend, fill you with radiant light, clear away discomfort and emotional turmoil, help you dig deep and release that which no longer serves - whether beliefs, conscious/unconscious programming, anything holding you in the old paradigm.  We will realign you with your soul's path, call in blessings and abundance as well as company and support on your journey both spiritually and personally. We will be calling in freedom, opportunity and power!

At 10 a.m. East Coast time four Fridays in June (Beginning the 9th - with a bonus on the 2nd), I will sit in meditation and send a group healing. There is nothing you need to do. It’s fine if you’re sleeping, working, driving, taking care of children or watching TV. The healing will reach you wherever you are and whatever you are doing!

If you do have the time free at 10 a.m. eastern … Find a comfortable spot where you will not be disturbed. Light a candle. Snuggle under a soft blanket or go into a meditative state. This is not necessary for the healing benefits to be received yet will add beautifully to your ongoing self care and may help you tune in to the specifics of what is happening/transforming in you with these sessions!

When I’m done I will send an email sharing what I have seen/experienced - what the healing looked like and what information came through. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from this these sessions (comments below). You will receive a healing when I do the work and also when you read the write-up. Having a series of four healings together serves beyond that for feeling deeply nourished and connected as well as helping you find your own firm footing as you move forward at this time.

Suggested donation is $100 for this series. If you feel called to offer more - it will be gratefully received. If you can only afford something minimal - pay that! I don’t want money concerns to keep you out of this group! All are welcome!

You will be held throughout the month allowing grounding and for both gentle nurture and transformation. My suggestion is that this would be just one piece to accompany your heightened self care routine at this time. Exercise, water, nourishing foods, connection with good friends, meditation … there are many ways to love and care for yourself. My hope is this will be a significant and helpful part of your self care.

Please join me for the series!

Click here: PayPal.Me/clward13 and pay whatever amount works for you - $100, more or less as you feel called. 🙂

Or register through this site by clicking here

Sending love and bright blessings and I hope to connect with you June 9th!



Time: 10 a.m. Eastern

Dates: June 9, 16, 23, 30 

Location: Comfort of your own home, or office, or car ... no need to engage at the time of the healing unless you happen to be free! An email will come with details that you can read at your leisure.

Cost/Donation: $100 total for all four sessions. More if you are able, less if you need!

To Register: Send your donation to PayPal.Me/clward13

Or register through this site by clicking here


Feedback from recent participants:

I feel myself fully inhabiting my solar plexus. I had a great meeting this past week  … and my ideas were blooming by the minute. I felt myself vital, and suddenly so much clearer… 

Cherry-Lee's Distance healing Series is fabulous. Always on point, always transformational.

The healings are a treat every week. Grounding and on point to how I'm feeling. Thank you!

These healings allow for me to drop the weighty burdens I've been carrying. i release consciously past and present pain. Then I have an unexpected outcome ... I live my life with ease!

This morning's session was such a gorgeous healing! Spot on in its simple power for me, in particularly when the stronger boundaries of the field were mentioned and the prayer for our words to be voiced and heard. These 2 Themes as a way to love myself showed up this week, which is exciting confirmation. Thank you!

I feel more centered and less anxious.  There is something amazing in collective healing.  And I love how you filled us in on the "behind the scenes" information of the healing!  THAT is soOooOoooo cool!

❤❤❤❤ wonderful boost in my energy today and I felt your clearing and healing!  TY my sister.  I feel like I'm freed up to work on clearing the energy in my house right now. Know that you have blessed and gifted my greatly. ❤❤❤❤❤

I feel my heart spreading unconditional love, joined in acknowledging forgiveness for myself and others who have faltered in their human experience…

I have found more energy and clearer perspectives.

Thank you again for the beautiful and intuitive messages for us all as the healings progressed, the totem animals used and the incredible love that accompanied these healing sessions. 

I am so grateful for meeting you, Cherry-Lee, and full of happiness to be connected to you. Through your strength and wisdom, I have been invited to be reminded of and to see my own strength and wisdom in a way that I have needed to. I’ll remind myself. I’ll do that. I got this.

I was in your circle; I felt you blessing and opening of areas that were blocked.  The work is not complete but the energetic momentum I feel moving though me is a beautiful thing to experience… the group sessions are so helpful.

From where i’m sitting…… I am feeling very blessed. and overcome in a good way. A sweet place to be! Thank you! I know this is from our group healings.

With the healings - things are bubbling up. I’m remembering old pieces of wisdom throughout the day like “Everything is ok just as you are”. If I really embrace that - it's more important than exercising ... I find I'm open for "free floating advice" from the cosmos like I haven't been in a while. Old wisdom is meaningful again and shows up right on time.

This healing circle could not have come at a better time for me. Not 10 minutes after I registered, I received a phone call that one of my best friends transitioned.  Thanks you for holding this healing space.

I feel relieved and released from my intense anxiety over the fate of our country.

I felt this healing even last night before it came in - it is the first time I have slept through the night in 2 years and I woke up  feeling really positive and more grounded.  And I slept till about 9 am!  😀

The healings have helped to ground me. I had new insight show up on my health! Something I’ve not seen before that showed up just after this morning's healing.

It's all about healing the planet one soul at a time, right? I think I'm on a roll and I know YOU are!

Just want to say that leading up to the first Friday, I was very worried again about health and other things, unable to calm myself down. Since the first healing there has been a change for me in so many ways. Thank you!

For me, this healing was more "hands-on deck" than the last one.  I was not able to "gently call this healing in" as I was the first week, but it was more an energetic boost to help me in my healing.

Thanks for clearing the block that allowed me to share wisdom with a stranger in a store today. It was beautiful!

Today I’m strong in not having to be congratulated for doing what I do, the things I am meant to do, and supposed to do for my little ones. Being my own eye witness here is good enough Now. I will do more when I can, and rest when I am able. 

Last night I proved the pen is mighty and I pulled it out and finally began writing again- without stop. I wrote 26 pages of my own consciousness.

During the healing I had some profound insights from Spirit. Just sitting in the space I was misty eyed by the end!

 I really felt the healings connect and the write ups resonate! I'm grateful to be part of it!