Open Hearted – All the Time?

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caring for your heart chakraIt may go against common practice but I believe strongly that we do not need to have our hearts open in all interactions. The heart is your intimate sacred space. It is possibly your greatest treasure. When nurtured, the heart chakra can open up like a big velvety cabbage offering love and light far and wide – holding those you love with extraordinary graciousness. It is the source for unconditional for others and most importantly for yourself.

The heart chakra is where you truly come home within yourself. It has this soft energy and is capable of holding extraordinary pain and incredible joy. The pericardium – the muscle around the outside of the heart – is a great protector allowing you to have discernment about who and what you let in. Your mind needs to have discernment as well.

Let me give you an example of a time this practice of discernment allowed for healing. A few years ago I wanted to have a difficult conversation with a friend who was going through a rough time. We both felt some boundaries had been crossed. I felt like her issues were flowing into and around my life and she felt I was no longer waiting to be asked for advice. Now, in retrospect, I can say this clearly. At the time it was just icky and filled with junk for both of us.

I texted her that I wanted to chat – and she replied that it would be fine as long as we were open hearted about it. This had been building up between us for a while. Before I called her for the conversation, I called in sacred space so that we would bring our best selves present. I called in angels, guides and ascended masters. I called in my higher self and then called her higher self. Her higher self didn’t come! I was surprised then realized that maybe it wasn’t time for an open hearted conversation after all.

We had a brief conversation about having a break from each other. And moved on. Honestly I’m quite sure both of us were annoyed. It took a little time but we both moved beyond it. Easily really. I don’t remember which of us reached out first but it was extraordinary. We both missed each other and the missing didn’t hold the heart ache that you would expect from this sort of estrangement. Probably because we had kept our hearts safe.

We were truly able to pick up where we left off and we have found much joy in our renewed friendship. Our hearts were wise and lead the way. We trusted that – and now we very much interact with open hearts!

So my recommendation is that you stay very present with your heart this week. Decide what people and situations you want to expose this precious heart to. Treasure it and celebrate it’s gifts and see what shows up.

I would love to hear your stories – times you’ve protected your heart and times you wish you would have. Please share!